Possession of Guns and Firearms Checklist

Before you purchase a firearm, you must determine if the gun laws in your state of residence allow you to do so. The easiest way to do this is by contacting relevant law officials in your area, but that can be time-consuming and sometimes impossible to get a hold of. You could try calling the local office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF), but as this is a federal agency, they may not be able to act as an authoritative advocate for your individual state statutes.

Please have this checklist accessible when buying a gun to guarantee a successful background check:

  1. Always buy a gun from a licensed dealer. A background check is required in most states before any private person can buy a gun from an unlicensed dealer. This check will clear almost all people, but a few may still be prohibited.
  1. To conduct a gun trace and be in compliance with the ATF, you must have the buyer present all of these forms. When buying from a gun dealer, advise that you are buying the firearm as a personal gun collector. You will need the seller to complete 4473 with their driver’s license and transfer tax stamp, where applicable. 
  1. There are many things to consider when buying a gun, including price, brand, type, and even what you will mainly use the gun for (home security versus target shooting). You must provide a Pistol Permit or Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (FPIC) with your pistol permit.
  1. You can compare details of different firearms side by side: compare caliber, rate of fire, size, or weight – quickly identifying which gun is most suitable for you or your loved one. A Gun and Firearms account also allows you to save delivery addresses, track orders and review previous orders you have made with us.
  1. Whether you are the cowboy at heart, or the soldier needing a sidearm, there are a large variety of firearms and weapons for you to choose from such as guns, rifles, pistols, and accessories.
  1. The foundation of any survival or preparation is guns and firearms. Your ability to hunt or defend yourself is extremely critical to the balance of nature and our existence. From hunting rifles, shotguns, home defense firearms, pistols, and revolvers to tactical accessories, ammo, holsters, and more we offer everything you need!
  1. Gun ownership is a serious responsibility. If you want to protect yourself, hunt for food, or just have fun, you’ll need to learn the basics of proper gun usage. You can shoot targets with a shotgun or rifle, but it’s easier to run and gun when you’re firing even the fastest handguns.

In conclusion, Gun ownership is a great responsibility and often comes with a set of rules and safety protocols that were once considered common sense such as:

  1. Gun safety, knowing how to handle your weapon, and proper storage.
  2. You must have a gun license to be able to purchase guns. 
  3. Store your weapon in a safe place away from others. This prevents accidents and keeps children safe! 
  4. Always treat your gun with respect, never point it at something you are not willing to destroy.