Qatari Officers Taking Training From Indian Ship

INS Tarangini is the sail training ship of India. The ship is now providing training to naval officers of Qatar. It is training six officers on their voyage course starting from Muscat and heading to Doha.

Rahul Mehta, who is the captain of the ship and also the commander confirmed about this news and said “INS Tarangini is for sail training. People come on the ship for training and the ship always has nearly 30 people to impart and take training.”

He explained “Yes, six Qatari naval officers sailed with and we started the sail Muscat which ended at Doha. Providing training to them was a different experience for me, but I enjoyed this a lot. It was a good experience. During the training, they learned many skills along with they get the knowledge of how India navy ships work.”

Tarangini was docked at the Doha Port and now it is on a maiden visit of three-day to Qatar. The ship will leave from Qatar soon. An officer’s team of Qatari Naval visited on the ship to familiar with the ship and for that, a familiarization event was also arranged. During the event the Indian embassy, defense attaché Capt Kapil Koushik was also there.

Koushik explained “For navies of both the countries, we have many training activities and all the activities are bilateral. At the harbor, the senior officers of Qatar navy were present and we had training related interactions with them. From a ship, a team visited the naval base of Qatar and a team from Qatar naval is visiting the ship soon.”

“With this training, we are endeavoring to improve the maritime cooperation between the two the countries. Certainly, both of us have further opportunities for taking training in the coming time. The training took six days from Muscat to Doha. In these six days, we showed the naval team of Qatar how things are getting operated on the sea,” He said.

The Transition From Fishing Boat To Yacht Is Complete

HCB’s Estrella is the world’s largest outboard-powered yacht with more than 3,000 horsepower on the transom. Seven years ago, HCB started with the intention to create a type of vessel that the nautical world had never seen before. Its 39-foot console boat with multiple outboard engines was a paradigm shift because it became what was essentially a utilitarian style of fishing boat for an offshore yacht.

The Florida builder then opened ante a few years later with the launch of Sueños, a 53-foot pack of four Yamaha 350 HP outboard motors. This boat quickly became the world’s largest console and definitely one of its most popular. HCB has sold 60 Sueños in the last three years.

“We wanted to provide buyers of traditional cabin fishermen with a more versatile option for performance, ride and overall maintenance without sacrificing luxury or comfort in the process,” says Elias De La Torre III, HCB CEO. “We knew we could not go too big, too early and should prove to everyone that there are buyers for big center console boats.” It is clear that the point has been proven. Today, several other builders launch center consoles that break the 50-foot mark, a length that would have been ridiculous just five years ago.

HCB’s new Estrella, who will announce his debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October, now assumes the center console throne. The yacht gets its power by five 625 HP outboard engines. Estrella has a high-end carbon fiber lay-up and a large cabin with a master cabinet and custom-made Zebrano cabinetry. In addition to the luxurious appointments, the decor is surprisingly spacious for this type of yacht. It will be a nest for the owner and guests.

The real action is found in the boat’s cockpit, where an owner could take 20 of his friends on an offshore fishing trip.

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